Peaceful Wellness with Deb Phelps

Why Mind, Body & Spirit Integrative Modalities?

Everyone Deserves Peace

When we can unite with our True Nature we find the solace and the energy we need to go through our journey called “life.” Each modality in their own unique way helps to promote health and well-being, reduce stress. Meditation and Yoga practices can help calm the mind and body, and the breathwork involved can soften our tension. Sound and Energy healing can help to remove blockages, release the mind of judgments, as well as relax and renew. Aromatherapy can assist with aromatic and therapeutic means to restore wellness. Spirituality can help us connect to the Universal Truth and initiate transformation.

I will help you to slow down and find refuge in your mind, body, and spirit practice so that you can feel whole. I hope you will consider Peaceful Wellness your safe space. I invite you to take a breath, rest, and release your stress, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, insomnia and/or other challenges in a comfortable, intimate setting.

If anyone would have told me back in 2016 I would return to yoga after a few years absence, I would have said “No way.” After my mold illness, I didn’t think I could return to “normal” because of the havoc it created in my body systems. Most people didn’t even know how ill I was. Back in 2018, I returned slowly to yoga after opening my office as a meditation studio. And here I am now, feeling healthier and stronger in mind, body & spirit with all the modalities that I practice. I’m not where I would like to be as yet, but the progress is amazing. It takes one step at a time while listening to your body and taking variations that work for you. Practice self-compassion and meditate and the rest will unfold.

Support for Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Grief, Pain Relief, Insomnia, Forgiveness, Limiting Beliefs & Judgments, Self-Compassion, Relaxation, Renewal, & Spiritual Discovery

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